Crystal ball trading - foresee price with seasonal patterns

Know seasonality - future price action, that occur year over year, with proven history. Increase your trading results!

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If you traded before or just thinking about to start trading Forex, Stock or commodity futures or even options on commodity futures, I suggest you encountered with the biggest trading mystery – what lays behind right side of the chart, where the price may go – up, so you can build your long positions or down – so you establish short positions.

There are many different methods and indicators, which are based on the price action in the past day, week or month. But the problem is pas short period of time is not indicative and you might have losses, when trust technical analysis.

Here, in this course, I represent magic and amazing natural force, that moves the markets. Although course is called Krystal ball trading, there is no mystique or wizard craft J

The key to succeed in trading – to know seasonality of traded assets! Some assets have higher seasonal tendencies, based on seasonal supply – harvest coming to the market, or seasonal demand - natural gas consumption rise before winter cold times. And some assets – like Forex currencies or stock indices have statistical preferable move on some particular times.

This course provides complete information about seasonality and information sources! Using easy to understand words, pictures and examples I will show that considering seasonality may significantly increase your trading results!

No secrets kept from you,I undercover how it works, and stay at your side to answer any questions that may occur.

Every penny paidfor this course worth hundreds of dollars and months of my experience;

The price is set at $149 but the knowledge is priceless!!

Cheers, I'll see you in there!

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