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Introduction to Poker Tracking Software, HUD Stats, Player Types and Table and Seat Selection

Poker is an easy game to learn the basics, but a difficult game to master. This course will help you improve your game and win rate by better understanding how to develop poker reads through the use of several poker tools and concepts.

Effectively Understand and Utilize Overarching Key Poker Tools and Concepts in No Limit Texas Holdem
Poker Tracking Software and HUD Stats
The Power of Position and Hand Ranges
Basic Player Types
Table and Seat Selection
Master Important Poker Concepts and Tools

In this course you'll learn to apply essential, overarching concepts and software tools that apply to the game of No Limit Texas Holdem. These concepts listed above will drastically help improve your poker game in many aspects and allow you to better exploit your opponents' leaks in their games. Most importantly, as with all of my poker courses, the concepts discussed in this course will help ensure you long term success at the poker tables.

"Great course on teaching the basics of HUD stats, player types, and table and seat selection. It definitely has helped improved my poker game. Thanks!!!!"

Contents and Overview

Suitable for both beginning and experienced poker players, through this course of 35 lectures, which includes follow-along exercises and live demonstrations, in addition to 4 quizzes and over 4.5 hours of content, you'll learn many essential fundamental poker concepts.

First you will learn how to implement poker tracking software and HUD stats into your poker game. Then you'll be introduced to the concept of power of position, positional awareness, hand ranges, and three essential advantages all good poker players should implement in their game. After that you will learn how to categorize and implement strategies for playing against specific good and bad player types, including NITs, TAGs, LAGs, loose passives, calling stations, and bad aggressive maniacs. We will conclude our course by teaching you the important concept of initial player reads, table selection, and seat selection to help you easily identify the most profitable poker games running on your poker network of choice.

By the end of this course, you will have learned several key poker concepts that will help you to drastically improve your poker game and long-term win rate.

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