Elixir craft: Powerful nutrition - Lose weight, Sleep better and optimize your health

Lose weight, sleep better and optimize your health in a tasty way

Elixir craft is next level smoothie making, using both superfood nutrition and Herbalism to produce incredibly effective and delicious beverages that support good health.

This is class leads the participants through 7 exciting and nourishing recipes deigned with specific health purposes in mind.

You will be blown away by how addicting elixir crafting is and will soon be craving an elixir instead of desert.

This class will share recipes for improving sleep, losing weight, building lean muscle, detoxifying your body, maximizing nutrition, building a powerful immune system, and fueling your body before a physical activity.

Elixir crafting makes getting healthy easy, fun and rewarding. Each recipe creates a positive reinforcement immediately with taste and later with results.

The amazing flavor of each elixir will get you hooked on a good habit. Once you taste one, you will continue making them for taste alone and over time will notice a dramatically positive effect on your health.

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