Empire in a Box: Build a Brand and Make Money Online - Udemy Coupon

Start a business or personal brand online, monetize your assets, establish your authority and become a star blogger.

A comprehensive guide to building a brand and making money online, my course is for the casual blogger to the serious entrepreneur who wants to make a name for themselves. Learn how to apply my formula - combining strategic advertising, social media tricks, e-commerce, and branding - to create a personal empire that brings you passive income and makes you a boss of the internet.

Discover how quick and easy it is to build a business or a personal brand with great SEO and real revenue.

Organize: Build a searchable website, blog, social media presence, and e-commerce store for under $20/year.
Monetize: Make money on your new website, blog, and e-commerce store.
Give: Post incredible content and get more followers on social media.
Make money just by being yourself online. There's a reason why this course is called "Empire In A Box." You'll understand how branding, advertising, design, and e-commerce come together to make you internet royalty - and best of all, I walk you through the process step-by-step!

Contents & Overview

This course teaches you exactly what you need to start making money online, and shows you how to get the things you need. It's a powerful step towards establishing your authority and fame on the internet. In a few short hours, you'll master tried & true methods to monetizing and branding. You'll make your blog posts and social media profiles more popular, because looking good is feeling good.

By the end of this course, you'll be using internet advertising, productivity apps, and e-commerce to make a passive, supplementary income online. You'll have a shiny new website, blog, online store (I help you find a product to sell), and popular social media profiles.

Whether you're an entrepreneur or artist, whether you dream of fresh laundry or world domination, this is a fun course that will teach you the essentials of making money online, so you can finally take your long-awaited submarine voyage, or provide a bigger home for your 23 rescue cats. In other words, so you can finally spend more time on the things you love.

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