Facebook Marketing Fusion: How I Got 1,806 Likes at 0.01 CPC

Create a Stunning Facebook Page, Attract Thousands of Fans & Build Up Engagement Levels through a Great Posting Strategy

Do you have a product/service that you want to market online? You've created a Facebook Page, invited all your friends and ended up with 237 Likes. You're frustrated because you can't get more traffic and you don't know what to do…

The answer is easy: you should become a Facebook Ninja!

I recently conducted an Ad campaign that was shown to 10,460 people and it brought me 1,806 Likes for $20.00. That's 0.01 Cost per Click. And they were all targeted. I had a result rate of 13.53%. And all of it happened in 7,200 minutes.

Think about it:

If you added all of the people that my Ad Campaign touched you could fill in a small football field…

… and every one out of eight people took action and became a fan…

…so once every 4 minutes I gained a new Fan…

…and spent the amount equivalent to a nice lunch to get that

Truth be told, I probably would have gotten more if I ordered some nice wine to go with it! The Case Study for this is in the course…

But is Facebook Marketing all about the Page Likes?

No, not at all. That's why this course only has a Intro Bootcamp to Facebook Ads. What I really want you to do is start with the basics.

This course will take you through your Page Creation, Posting Strategy, Attracting fans without paying a dime and an introduction to Facebook Ads. Here's what you'll get:

The 1-Hour Page Magnet Creation - Create an professional looking Facebook Page through your Cover & Profile Photos, Custom Tabs & Apps

The Round-the-Clock Content Machine - build a posting strategy, create a content calendar, learn what to post, how to post it and how often to do it

The Facebook Ads BootCamp - learn the basics of how to advertise on the platform, get likes for $0.01 CPC or create Custom Audiences

You also get 3 Bonuses:

The PDF Collection - Everything from examples of great looking Facebook Pages, to lists of Apps you can use, to your very own Content Calendar Template
The 0.01 Page Likes Case Study: Find out exactly how I managed to get 1,806 likes at $0.01 CPC. I'll show you this step-by-step
The Facebook Community Bonus: Join my Facebook community where we can share strategies and customised advice to take you to the next level.

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