Fantasy Football: How I Pay for College! - Dominate your league and make bank

Every year there are billions of dollars won in Fantasy Football. I don't bet much money at all and I have won over ten thousand dollars since I started playing in 2011. I first developed this course back before the season started and ran a test to see if it worked for someone other than me. My friend Brian was the rat; I taught him everything I could and sent him to work. Since then, Brian has won almost a thousand dollars playing Fantasy Football and Fanduel. You can do it too very easily. In this course I'll show you how.

If you want to stay at home to make money, if you hate your job, if you love football, then take this course. I will show you the ins and outs of making money watching your favorite sport.

What is covered

  1. How to play fantasy football
  2. My five rules of drafting
  3. How to build a solid team
  4. In season management
  5. When to play

12 lectures - 43 minutes of content

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