Fundamentals of Ethical Hacking (Choose your hat) - 100% Off Coupon

Learn the Fundamentals of ETHICAL HACKING, the tools used to SECURE and PENETRATE a network, Viruses, Malware, Trojans.

Ever wondered how people hack? Are you interested in learning the secrets? This course covers the FUNDAMENTALS OF ETHICAL HACKING. You will learn about the infamous SOCIAL ENGINEERING, FOOT PRINTING, and TOOLS used by common hackers to penetrate networks. You will learn what information and tools to PROTECT your network, protect YOURSELF, and learn techniques used to HACK. This course is perfect for beginning SECURITY SPECIALIST, PARENTS, and PEOPLE interested in the covert world of HACKING. For a small price and time you will learn the FUNDAMENTALS and open your mind to things you may have known or not known about this world. Begin COURSE today! What do you have to lose?

SKILLS and TOOLS you will learn:

  1. Social engineering
  2. Spoofing phone calls
  3. Spoofing emails
  4. Data mining for information used for social engineering
  5. Foot printing a networking
  6. Discovery of network settings
  7. Security settings


  1. Cracking Passwords
  2. Sniffing Packets
  3. Creating viruses
  4. Creating worms
  5. Creating Trojans
  6. Wrapping viruses
  7. Remote control of computers
  8. Key loggers
  9. Force Attacks
  10. Data Recovery
  11. Zeroing out drives
  12. And SO MUCH MORE!

The information is this course is VALUABLE to a person who wants to get involved with SECURITY, HACKING, PEN-TESTING, and learning their options. This will give you a solid understanding and the tools necessary to protect your network and yourself….

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