Grow - How to Attract Good Fit - High Value Clients

Entrepreneurs and small business owners need to make every move count – Here’s How!

If you could spend all your time with good fit – high value clients, what would your bottom line look like a year from now?

As entrepreneurs / small business owners, when we think about growing our business with good fit – high profit clients there are some challenges we face almost immediately…

Spending too much time giving your expertise away for free…

Getting too many “think it over's" and spend too much time chasing people.

Struggling with getting people to take action.

Giving great presentations, but then can't get the people to return calls.

Taking a lot of put-offs like “let me think it over", “it looks good, and we'll get back with you.

If you're constantly faced with pressures to reduce price and not sure what to do about it…

If too many of proposals result in wanting to “check the competition" before deciding…

GROW – How to Attract Good Fit – High Profit Clients, will give you the inside edge.

Master how to bring more value to the conversation.

Understand what it takes to be more than the average entrepreneur.

Turn professional and make a commitment to finding better clients and doing better work.

Good fit clients all have the same 3 traits. Here they are…
1.A desire to do something different
2.They ability to make a decision
3.The authority to back it up

Learning how to discover these 3 traits quickly and efficiently will be a determining factor in how quickly you can grow and ultimately how successful your small business will be.

“Entrepreneurship is not a 'personality trait'; it is a feature to be observed in the actions of people or institutions. Entrepreneurs in health, education or business work basically the same way. Essentially, they do not just do something better, but do it differently. In fact, it is less risky than just 'doing the same thing better" – Peter Drucker

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