How To Be Assertive - A Powerful Skill For An Amazing Life

The complete guide to being an assertive person. Because knowing how to be assertive is not a luxury, it's a necessity!

Do you struggle with making yourself heard? Do you feel anxious or nervous to ask for your rights? Do you feel like giving up on your wants and needs because you don't know how to present your point of view in an assertive way?

I will tell you something that will probably shock you. It shocked me. Most of the languages of the world don't even have a word for the verb “to be assertive." There are few other languages that have the noun “assertiveness", which, by the way, it's never used. Assertiveness is considered something that you are “having" not something that you are doing.

In this course, you will discover:

  1. how to be an assertive person
  2. when to be assertive
  3. the steps to assert yourself in front of others
  4. how to keep your emotions under control, so you are able to be assertive
  5. what are your rights when communicating with people
  6. how to be a charismatic person.

This course is designed in such a way that you don't have to learn anything by heart. After you complete this course, you have all the tools needed to become an assertive person.

You will not have reservations to be assertive because you will know the time, the place, and the people with whom you should be assertive.

Your words will be heard, your feeling will be accounted.

Open the door to freedom with this course and never look back to being the doormat of other people.

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