How to Become a Successful and Practical Project Manager

Part 1 of 3 - The Planning Phase: Plan your next project using solid, repeatable and practical, methods and processes

How to Become a Successful and Practical Project Manager is designed for aspiring project managers and project team members wanting to get more involved in managing projects.

The course is structured around the premise that all projects have a beginning, a middle and an end and that all successful projects follow a standardised project management methodology.

Learn how to plan your projects using simple, repeatable processes guided by an easy to implement project management methodology.

Enhance your career prospects, supercharge your project management skills and bring all your projects to successful conclusions - in time, under budget and to the delight of your key stakeholders.

Learn all the processes needed to complete the planning phase of your projects making sure all aspects of project execution and closing are included
Discover a project management methodology that is easy to implement, manage and control
Download a complete set of the only document templates you will ever need to manage your projects successfully
Become a successful and practical project manager by introducing My Practical Project Management Methodology into your projects today so that you can plan, implement and bring all your projects to a successful conclusion.

In this training course you will learn:

  1. What project management is all about
  2. The characteristics of a successful project manager
  3. How projects fit into organisations
  4. What is and what is not a project life cycle
  5. Why some organisations do not want and do not need a project management office
  6. What is and what is not a project management methodology - The attributes of a practical and useful project management methodology
  7. The five critical documents every successful project manager needs

You will learn the processes and techniques used during the planning phase of every successful project

This training course will teach you:

  1. How to initiate a project correctly with a sponsor and an approved project assignment
  2. How to identify the key stakeholders and engage with them to make sure they are on your side
  3. How to identify your key project team members
  4. How to make sure all the project scope is included in the scope of work
  5. How to define your project organisation
  6. How to develop your project schedule through activity sequencing and duration estimating
  7. How to identify the critical path through a project network diagram
  8. How to estimate project costs and convert the costs into a time phased cost baseline, a budget
  9. How to manage a risk identification workshop and identify the risks involved in the project
  10. How to “plan-in" quality into your project
  11. How to develop your procurement strategy for all the goods and services you will need to buy
  12. How to decide what information is to be distributed to what stakeholder at what times

The course consists of:

  1. Video presentations
  2. Easy to do quizzes to keep your attention alive
  3. Complete set of downloadable document templates

Students can ask and comment on questions in the discussion area and I will also be available to advise on any aspects of the planning phase of a project.

See you on the inside…

Jeb Riordan, PMP

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