How To Effectively And Quickly Difuse Another Person's Anger

Learn the powerful and effective Five Step Process to effectively de-escalate an angry confrontation

This course teaches the 5 key steps that you need to follow when you are confronted by an angry person. There are certain strategies, tools, and techniques you need to use in order to effectively calm an angry person down, and certain approaches you must avoid at all costs.

You will learn what changes take place to a person who becomes angry and why it is so important to calm that person down before you try to enter into conversation with them. This course teaches you how to do this.

Take on board the learnings, and practice in a safe environment, and you've be amazed and delighted with your new found confidence and abilities when next having to deal with an angry person.

My suggestion is not to rush your way through this course. Systematically practice the different strategies as you are introduced to them. For this you will need a partner - ideally somebody who is good at pretending they are angry! Practicing in a safe environment will prepare you for a real event.

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