How To Remove Toxic Thoughts That Are Sabotaging Your Life - Dr. Carol Morgan

Take Control Of Your Happiness NOW

This class is based on an article by Dr. Carol Morgan that was shared on social media 87,000 times. Join the crowd and take control of your life! The course is for ANYONE who wants to be HAPPY - which is pretty much everyone!

We live in such a negative world that it's not surprising that we all get toxic thoughts programmed into our minds on a daily basis - for our whole lives. When you take this course, you will learn how to take control of your thoughts and to re-direct them into positive ones

The structure of the class includes video lectures, followed by worksheets that help you apply the material in your own life. You will do some self-analysis and probably discover things about yourself that you never even knew! This is essential to the process of changing your thinking - and your life!The last lecture is an audio meditation that is designed to re-program your mind with positive thoughts. If you listen to it on a regular basis, your thought processes will naturally change for the better with very little effort. The more you listen, the happier you will become. For best results, wear earphones while listening.87,000 people thought this information was important enough to share with their family and friends, and now YOU have a chance to dive even deeper. If they can take the steps to get happy ... why not YOU? Are you READY? LET'S GO!!!

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