How to Sell Ice to a Penguin: 24 Proven Psychology Tactics

Using Science & Psychology to Trigger Purchases, Increase Your Sales, Boost Conversions & Improve SatisfactionThis is the only sales training program you'll ever need. Why? This course is the equivalent of reading and analyzing the following books:

Neuromarketing by Patrick Renvoise
Brainfluence by Roger Dooley
Buy-ology by Martin Lindstrom
The Brain Sell by Dr. David lewis
To Sell is Human by Daniel H. Pink
Jeffrey Gittomer's Little Red Book of Selling
The Psychology of Selling by Brain Tracy
How to Speak so People Listen by Mike Clayton

Here you will learn exactly:

  1. How to identify your prospect buyer (who you're selling to)
  2. How to find out why your prospects buy (and why they don't, too)
  3. How to create value so that you justify your asking price
  4. How to prove this value so you can handle your prospect's objections before they arise
  5. How the brain makes choices
  6. How neuro-marketing can boost your selling exponentially
  7. How to influence purchase decisions by using a language the decision-making part of the brain understands
  8. How great leaders inspire action, and how you can, too
  9. The Why / How / What model and how it can give your message meaning
  10. The ABC Mindset - Always Be Closing!
  11. The AIDA Model - Attention, Interest Decision, Action.
  12. How to create an irresistible sales pitch by yourself (save $1,000s on copywriting)
  13. How to structure your sales pitch
  14. How to grab and keep your prospect's attention throughout the whole pitch
  15. How to close the sale

If you think about it, most jobs involve selling, whether it's getting visitors to buy your products or pitching an idea to your team.

Most professionals would benefit tremendously if they acquired the SKILL OF SELLING.

Selling is a natural asset, and it's a requirement for you to know, regardless of your profession.

The world is evolving, and so is the way people are selling. There was a time in which door to door and live sales calls were the only way to make a dime.

However, the invention of the internet changed everything. Now we can bring 100s and even 1,000s of hungry prospects right to our product/service at the same time.

Like any other thing, selling is a skill you can improve with the right training.

Turns out selling is closely related to psychology, and there are many ways in which science actually explains how and why people make the purchase decisions that they do.

It's all in the BRAIN.

Understand the brain and you understand your prospect.

Everything you will learn here is brought down using simple and digestible terms that you can easily follow.

We did our research and developed a complete sales training program based on revolutionary concepts such as neuromarketing, sales psychology and effective communication.

Everything in this course is backed by science.

Selling can become quite a charm if you learn to do it properly. There's no need to spend extra money to have other people write sales pitches for you. You know your company, service or product better than anyone.

Learn to become a complete digital salesperson by the end of this course!

Picture the freedom of being able to sell anything to anyone.

Improve your selling skills immediately by enrolling in this course today!

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