#JavaScript - A Functional Guide : Understanding Functions in JavaScript

JavaScript - A Functional Guide : Understanding Functions in JavaScript
A beginner to advanced JavaScript function course for everyone. learn, understand and master functions in JavaScript !

Certificates: Course completion Certificates!

Quiz : Quiz to refresh your knowledge!

This course will guide you and teach you about JavaScript function. this course will show you in's and out's of JavaScript functions with multiple different examples. this course will take you on deep dive of JavaScript functions ocean and teach you all about one the most precious perl in JavaScript, functions. you will learn about , creating functions, return keyword, definition expression, functions invocation, objects , prototype, call & apply,anonymous function, scopes , hoisting namespace module, chaining and much much more.

After completing this course!

  1. You will have complete understanding of JavaScript functions.
  2. You will have great understanding about lots of JavaScript scary concept. like prototype, call & apply etc
  3. You will be able to create you own modular library or even JavaScript plugins
  4. You will able to write your own professional code in JavaScript.
  5. You will have great understanding of one of the very very important concept in almost all programming language.- functions

Materials Included:

  1. HTML
  2. JS
  3. JPG
  4. PDF
  5. PPT

At the end of the Course you will face quiz.. to test your knowledge what you have learned in this course. Remember that quiz is compulsory to complete.

After completing this course you will have complete knowledge of above topic which is covered in this course and lot of cool tricks to tackle your next project in javascript.

So let's get started!

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