Lean Finance for Startups - Introduction

This is the intro version of Lean Finance for Startups. Understand how Facebook makes money.

Building a company? Learn how SMART entrepreneurs raise the RIGHT type of capital FAST.


Lili Balfour has advised over 100 companies, who have gone on to raise over $200 million from investors around the world. She is the author of Master the Finance Game, a Wall Street Journal Guest Mentor, a contributor at Fox Business News, a blogger for The Huffington Post, a guest contributor for HuffPost Live, and a guest lecturer at UC Berkeley.


Lean Finance for Startups - Introduction is an easy-to-follow tutorial on finance for entrepreneurs. All students will learn how to read and understand financial statements as well as develop a revenue model.


Lili Balfour spent over 20 years in investment management and investment banking in Silicon Valley and NYC before founding Atelier Advisors in 2007. Her goal is to provide investment banking services to early-stage companies, which are typically ignored by investment banks. Over the past seven years, she has advised over 100 startups on their funding strategy. She has coached established brands (Bag, Borrow, or Steal, Visual IQ, Alpha Theory, Derivix, Erin Fetherston, and Peeled Snacks) and pre-revenue startups looking for seed capital via crowd funding.

Our community of entrepreneurs spans several countries and has climbed pass 5,000. We meet on the third Friday of each month for Office Hours on Spreecast and participate in weekly video lessons on YouTube.

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Author of Master the Finance Game. CEO of Atelier Advisors.

Lili Balfour is the founder of Atelier Advisors and author of Master the Finance Game. Lili spent over 15 years in investment banking (technology and healthcare) and investment management before creating Atelier Advisors, a firm that provides strategic and financial advisory services to early-stage companies. To date, she has helped over 100 early-stage companies raise over $200 million.