Learn about Lucid Dreaming and the keys to Awaken faster!

Learn to have better control of your dreams by understanding the World of Lucid Dreaming while awakening for the journey of a lifetime!

Do you ever feel worn out by the end of your long day?
Does your mind stay constantly racing in your times of focus?
Do you seek to better understand yourself and situation?
Do you sometimes become blinded by your rage?
Do you seek relief in an open minded environment free of religious dismay?
Are you in need of overcome your fear or grief?

If any of this seems near you heart or someone you know Lucid Dreaming might be the solution for you. Lucid Dreaming is a way that seeks freedom and to better balance to ones mind and body by interacting with the Inner Self or Subconscious mind.

Lucid Dreaming may aid you with:

  1. Staying focused longer
  2. Improved problem solving skills
  3. Increase emotional intelligence
  4. More mental space
  5. More creativity
  6. Less overall stress
  7. Flexibility to change tasks faster
  8. Increased intuition
  9. Greater sense of balance in life and work
  10. Improved thought habits

Why am I qualified to teach you?

  1. I have over 10 years in Waking Life of experience in Lucid Dreams and countless more in the Dream World
  2. I'm certified in Reiki and is a Shamanic Reiki Practitioner
  3. I've studied the ways of Shamanism of the old ones of my Siksika Blackfoot culture as well as a variety of techniques from around the world.
  4. I'm am certified in C.A.D, have an Associate in Architectural Technology, & Graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture, so I know how stressful a workload can be.
  5. I grew up as an Usher, Jr Deacon, and Youth Coordinator of my church growing up, so I was attuned to listen and become lose to my inner self and the Great Spirit.
  6. I grew up a Christian, but have an amalgamation of Taoism, Buddhist, and Shamanism entangled together in my core system making me very open minded.
  7. I have experience in Martial Arts, as a Violinist, a Child Care Provider, and a Summer Camp Counselor making me extremely patience and sensitive to the voice of another.

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Course by: Na'Shawn Jordan
Computer Guru, Multi-Artist, Educator, & a Reiki Shaman

About Na'Shawn Jordan:

Hello my name is Na'Shawn Jordan. I've received an A.A.S in Architectural Technology and Certified in Computer Aided Design (C.A.D.) from Essex County College. As of May 2015 I will be graduating with my 5 year Bachelor's of Architecture from New Jersey Institute of Technology. I'm also a trained Violinist and Martial Artist of 12+ years, a Certified Shamanic Reiki Practitioner, as well as a Cancer Survivor of 2+ years. After a long educational & spiritual transformation process I'm glad to teach you how be a better you.