Learn Beauty Retouch Techniques in Photoshop - Become a PRO! - Udemy

Learn the Photo Retouching Secrets and get the level of the WORLD CLASS RETOUCHERS - No Experience Required!


During this over 4 hours of Photoshop work, I am going to show You the best techniques that I use doing high end retouch. What If You have just started Your adventure with Photoshop?

Don't worry, this course is very well explained step by step, so even beginners can easily follow my work! Have You always wondered how retouchers get this fantastic look you can see on beauty magazine covers? If the answers is yes, this course is for You!

What makes this course unique is the fact, that You can find here the most wanted Retouching Techniques. What does it mean?

Probably You have seen many beauty images with this perfect soft skin and natural texture. In this course I am going to show You all the best techniques to get the perfect look of the skin texture!

What This Course Include?

All the techniques that are needed to retouch the Details: Lips, Eyes, Hair, Setting up The Image Contours, and even Getting the Perfect Shape!

I made this course as Simple as Possible to make sure You will get everything You need!


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Course by: Marcin Mikus

About Marcin Mikus

I'm 24 years old self taught photoshop instructor. The area I'm interested in is photo retouching and photomanipulation. I believie that massive layers of imagination allows me to create interesting, nontrivial ideas.