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When I was a noob and wanted to learn programming I was very confused where to start and what to learn. I was interested in mobile development so I started learning android, I spent 2 months on android and did not learn a thing, I was very upset and did not know what to learn, YouTube tutorials were not helping me and I was running out of ideas.

One day I ran into a book online that teaches Java Programming. Not only does that book cover Java programming in depth, it teaches Object Oriented Principles(OOP) in depth. I have read the whole book which has over 2000 pages and learned Java in depth in about 2 months, after that I was able to pick up any programming language in the matter of days.

The first thing I learned after that book was android development, which I learned in about 3-4 days thanks to my understanding of Java, after that I learned Objective-C and iOS in about a week, again thanks to my understanding of Java and OOP principles, when Swift came out I basically learned it in 2 days, because it is very similar to Java, when I started to program games I did not need to learn C# because it is basically like Java, and all of that thanks to that book.

Now I have decided to turn that book into a course. I have basically converted the whole book into a Java course and I have made it easy for noobs and people who want to learn Java and OOP principles because I know your needs because I was in Your place, I guarantee that if you take this course you will learn Java and OOP principles in one week and then you can conquer any programming language that you wish!!

On the other hand if you are a developer already, then it will not hurt you to add one more powerful programming language at your disposal!!

Topics Covered in this Professional Java Developer udemy Course

  1. Variables
  2. Loops
  3. Conditionals
  4. Classes
  5. Objects
  6. Methods
  7. Arrays
  8. Multidimensional Arrays
  9. Inheritance
  10. Polymorphism
  11. Abstract Classes
  12. Interfaces
  13. Handling Exceptions
  14. Creating Files
  15. Text Input / Output
  16. Binary Input / Output
  17. Java Graphical User Interface
  18. Collections
  19. Multithreading
  20. Java Database Programming
  21. Java Servlets
  22. Java Server Pages
  23. Java Server Faces
What is the target audience for this Professional Java Developer course?
- Complete Beginners
- With programming experience who want to learn Java

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