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A fun filled course designed to fill you with confidence, eradicate fears and give you a life of freedom

This training program will teach you how to take control of your life in a fun and easy way!

We're going to teach you how to make the most of the natural confidence you have inside of you and show you how to remove negativity and self doubt leaving you ready and at your best to take on any challenge before you.

Have you ever failed to do something you wanted to do because you were afraid of what might happen or what people might think?

Do you feel your life has been held back by doubt and uncertainty?

Both of us, as performers and trainers, had to face our self-doubt and fear demons too. We struggled a lot, we studied and researched, and in the end we developed a teachable system to help others fight their fears too!

What's really great about this is that we have taken out all the complications and all the jargon so that anybody can learn and implement this.

In this online training we will take you on a journey of personal transformation discovering how you can change the way you think and feel. Imagine being in control of your feelings and emotions. Imagine being able to take charge of your life and live it to the full - Imagine a life without fear!

Im a great believer in having fun and I want you to experience the fun too! We are going to show you how to find fun in every way in every day.

Each step will be an experiences that will build on the last creating a bigger, better, confident and happier YOU. we are going to teach you all the instruments AND how they fit together in an harmonic way to have a wonderful piece of symphony, your life.

And just like learning an instrument we'll start you at the beginning, learning the basic techniques and building on a strong foundation. By the end you will have all the tools you need to master your life, take charge and have fun.


In the first module we'll lay down the foundations for the whole journey, teaching you what confidence is and how you can build it into every aspect of your life so that it becomes second nature and the foundation for everything you do.


In the second module we will look at the nature of fear, how it restricts your thinking and holds you back so you can unleash your full potential. We will also be sharing with you our take on positive thinking without the jargon or bull giving you a clear understanding of how you can work at 100% in your personal and business life.


The third section is when we turn on the POWA! In this module we reveal James' approach to life so that you will change the way you view success and failure giving you the freedom to enjoy new experiences from a fresh point of view: you've got the POWA!


The forth module is all about expanding this new perspective to a whole new level. We'll share secrets about suggestion, changing your feelings and emotions so that you will no longer be a slave TO them but instead make them work to create a better, brighter more vibrant YOU (… and James is going to share with you how to say anything to anybody!).


In the final module we will bring all our learning together, making it practical, and showing you how to find fun in all aspects of love, life and work so that YOU will have the POWA and ultimately a LIFE WITHOUT FEAR.

Everything you need is available right now from the comfort of your own home. Once you enroll, you can access the content from you computer, smartphone, or tablet without even leaving your home. You can proceed at your own pace because you have access to this for life. Anytime you want to review a lesson it's there for you at the touch of a button. Each video is shot in high quality and we have broken everything down into bite sized chunks so that the lessons are just the right size to digest. Each lesson comes with a downloadable PDF to accompany your learning experience.

The real question right now is are you willing and ready to invest in your future? Do you want to succeed and achieve? Do you want to feel genuine natural confidence to enjoy life, relationships, business and hobbies?

It's time to commit to a new life, a life without worries and restrictions. It's time for you to live your life to the full and without fear holding you back.

See you on the other side!

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