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Learn the tips and tricks that fortune 500 companies and successful startups use to ramp up their revenue with Adwords.

Do you want to know how big agencies use Adwords to create millions of dollars for fortune 500 companies like Gatorade, Allstate Insurance, Apple, Mercedez-Benz, Cisco Systems and many others?

Would you like to get the scoop on the paid search tactics that one startup used to grow from 3 employees to 23 employees in just two years and raise $12 million in venture capital?

For the first time a veteran of the online marketing world will show you all that and more.

In this course you get access to:

- Exhaustively tested ad copy strategies that have generated millions of dollars for fortune 500 companies.

- Hard data from Adwords campaigns that shows what works and what doesn't.

- Expert answers to your most important questions.

- Promo codes that will let you get hundreds of dollars of free traffic from companies like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon and more.

Normally you would have to spend over $10,000 at a big agency to get these kind of money making insights, but for the first time they can be yours for free.

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