MOVE ! - Eliminate - I Want to Think it Over AND Sell More

Let People Close Themselves! - Learn how to get out of the way and start selling more... Make Selling Easy

Are you sick and tired of hearing stalls and objections?

Have you ever left a sales presentation without a sale and wondering what you were supposed to do next?

-They didn’t say NO but they also didn’t say YES
-What you got was some vague, non-specific “I’ll think it over”
-Now you’re left wondering what to do next…

Start flipping those sales leads into closed sales.

Eliminate Forever - “I Want to Think it Over”

MOVE ! – Get Out of Your Own Way – AND – Start Selling More

A complete 1 – on – 1 sales coaching program. Nothing is left out.

Good salespeople have good answers, but great salespeople have great questions!

Learn how to get sales leads and prospects to open up and share what’s really going on.

Discover the secret key to getting people to view you as the resource they need to speak with.

Forget about learning fancy rebuttals and comebacks – that sound good but are either impossible to remember or never seem to quite fit your situation.

Separate yourself from the competition by asking the kinds of questions that tear down that wall of resistance that stands between you and your good-fit client.

It’s been said that people buy emotionally but make decisions logically – sounds good but no one has ever explained the ‘How to Get Them Emotionally Involved’

This is exactly what we will be coaching to…

How to get them emotionally involved so prospects begin to close themselves for their reasons.

MOVE ! has been designed to come as close to a live 1 –on -1 coaching session as possible. ( the exact same sessions my clients pay $350 an hour to get! )

In every session we walk through specific ideas and look at real life examples.

Usually what we discover is many of the obstacles that get in the way of selling more are literally created by the things we do and say. – Let’s take a look at what they are and how to do something different to get better, faster results…on purpose!

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