NLP- Be Charismatic Now With Simple NLP Techniques

NLP- Be Charismatic Now With Simple And Powerful NLP Techniques And Have A More Attractive And Appealing Personality

In this course titled ' NLP- Be Charismatic Now With Simple NLP Techniques.' By Pradeep Aggarwal , you will be able to identity your self better and understand how charismatic and appealing personality you have .You will learn how to become more charismatic and have a more appealing personality to draw people's attention towards you naturally and effortlessly.

Simple and powerful NLP techniques are taught to improve your charisma and attract your ideal relationship , career, rapport with people etc . You will be able to enhance your charisma as it is nothing but your state of mind .

This course contains 7 lectures and over 30 minutes of content using video clips

This course includes

  1. Introduction
  2. How to identify your charisma
  3. Qualities You Require To Become More Charismatic
  4. Anchoring/Mind Trigger Techniques
  5. Generating A New Behavior Technique- Stealing The Charisma Of Your Role Model
  6. Positive Suggestion Technique
  7. Summary Of The Course

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