NLP-Let Go Of Your Past Trauma Using NLP Techniques

NLP - Let Go Of Your Past Trauma Using Power And Simple NLP Techniques, Remove Past Memories And Move On Into The Future

In this course titled ' NLP- Let Go Of Your Past Trauma Using Powerful NLP Techniques .' By Pradeep Aggarwal , you will learn simple NLP techniques to overcome any trauma in your life and focus on your work confidently. The trauma can be in any form , ie depression, betrayal , loss of life of a closed one , failure in business etc .It has a very negative emotion attached to it which triggers off immediately when we face similar situations in life , hence it is important to overcome that trauma and move on in life with confidence.

Using the NLP techniques and exercises you will be able to focus on your future and present better by completely overcoming your past trauma.

This course contains more than 30 minutes of video lectures spread across 6 lectures.

This course contains-


How to remove the bad memory from your brain

How to relax instantly

How to forget your past trauma and move on

Bonus exercise to become more confident

Summary of the course

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