No Sales B.S. | The Most Simple & Honest Amazon FBA Course

There is a huge opportunity with Amazon FBA but there’s also a lot of sales B.S. Here’s what you really need to know...

The No B.S. Truth About Starting An Amazon FBA Business

By now you have probably read a few course descriptions about the Amazon FBA opportunity and how you can easily make thousands of dollars per month.

I'm here to tell you most of what you read was 'sales-hype' and is not true.

The truth is starting an Amazon FBA business is a challenging thing to do. It takes lots of trial-and-error, and even if you do everything right luck still plays a role.

But even though Amazon FBA is a hard business to start the opportunity is enormous. Right now you can import millions of products from China at a very low cost. This is something that was an entrepreneur's dream only 10 years ago.

The reason why so many people are excited about starting an Amazon FBA business is because you can benefit from an enormous shift in the world economy that human history has never seen before. For the most part how humans react to globalization is still uncharted territory.

For this reason most Amazon FBA business owners are really experimenters. We are all trying to figure out what products we can import from China and sell domestically at a much higher cost.

This is why all of other Amazon FBA courses that promise easy money are B.S.

No one can promise you $1,000s / month. You have to experiment and find success on your own and nobody can do this part for you.

The only valuable thing an Amazon FBA instructor can teach you is how to use the Amazon FBA platform and how to sort through and communicate with international suppliers.

Anything else they teach you is 'fluff' that is a waste of your time. I'll explain why…

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