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Comprehensive Course Packed With Simple Strategies & Solid Techniques to Achieve Ongoing Peak Motivation & Habit Change

Learn How to Achieve Ongoing Peak Motivation and Change Any Habit in 30 Days so You Can Accomplish Whatever You Set Your Mind On With This Comprehensive Behavior Course.

Accelerate your growth
Achieve ongoing peak motivation
Get rid of time-wasting, energy-draining, soul-sucking behaviors that diminish your quality of life
Identify and install new habits that support your ideal lifestyle
Join a growing community of mutually supportive habit changers dedicated to the pursuit of personal growth (private Facebook group and weekly Google+ hangouts )
A powerful arsenal of tools to help you unlock your inner resources and achieve your highest ambitions, be they personal or professional.

If you've ever had New Year's resolution then you probably know how frustrating it can be to try to adopt a new habit only to drop the ball a few weeks later. You get off to a strong start and feel certain of success, but as your motivation wanes your forced to summon an unreasonable amount of self-discipline to stay the course... Not fun, I know, I've been there. And while this may work to condition easy habits, there are many others that will not succumb to such an ineffective strategy.

What separates this course from so many others that came before it is it's approach. I designed this course to be easily understood by absolute beginners, however you'll find that even the most arduous of goals can be achieved by applying the information in this course. And to make sure you receive the most benefit from our time together, in addition to the private Facebook group, I've decided to host a live weekly Google+ hangout Q&A where students are encouraged to share their progress and ask me anything they'd like.

I would have done anything to have this when I first got started on path of personal development.

The course is broken up into four main sections. Section I is all about accountability. When you embark on a quest to change a habit, having a supportive community often marks the difference between success and failure, and thats why the private Facebook group was created. Section II is all about the inner game of habit change. It's designed to help you achieve ongoing peak motivation so you don't have to struggle and stress when trying to adopt new habits. Section III covers the 3 phases of habit change (what, you thought there was only one? ;) to add structure and strategy to your behavior change. Lastly, in section IV I help you create your own perfect 30-day trial.

Here are just a few examples of what this course can help you accomplish:

  1. become an early riser so you can get more done
  2. adopt a daily exercise routine to stay fit and mentally focused
  3. create an online business to have more time and money to do the things you love
  4. give up cigarettes, soda, junk food, coffee, or other unhealthy addictions
  5. and much, MUCH more!

What this course is not:

I won't try to sell you on the idea that all of the goodness of the world will fall into your hands just by taking this course. That's never true. You have to apply what you learn in order to experience any measure of success.

I will do everything I can to help you but what motivates you most is something you'll have to discover for yourself. It's all very simple, but it does take practice.

Finally, this course is not intended to take the place of disciplined, focused effort. Action is what generates results, so if you're not willing to dedicate a little time each day to improving the quality of your life, do not enroll in this course.

But if you're willing and ready to develop yourself into a person of bold action, if you're able to recognize the value in learning from experts, and especially if you're tired of not getting the results you want in life and having to settle for less, you need to get this course right now . . . right this minute.

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