Parenting Style - How to avoid raising a brat who is unlikeable & won't listen

Empower yourself by knowing the parenting style you need for happy and successful kids. Get it right the first time!

Learn the essential things you need to know about how to parent so you can avoid rude and cheeky behaviour that is costing you time and money and your child their happiness.

Build a strong parenting foundation that accelerates your child's well being and success.

Calculate how much time you are wasting per day
See how your parenting bossiness is also losing you money at work
Discover the characteristics you need to develop in your child for them to be head hunted for top positions.
Learn how to measure if you are on the right track, or heading for disaster.
The most powerful parenting insights at your fingertips.

Learning these fundamentals will set you in the right direction for giving your children the EDGE to succeed in their life. This easy to understand research is based on 15 years of global research with thousands of parents, teachers and coaches. Schools pay thousands of dollars for Robin to present some of this material to their parent body and here you get it at a fraction of the price!

We don't believe parenting should be left to chance so we designed this course for any parent who is seeking the solutions to raising GREAT kids!

When you have finished this course you will also have learned 2 of the most powerful techniques to get your boundaries met while leaving your children feeling empowered and cooperative.

This could save you an extra 45 minutes of time every day!

Discover how the parenting power dynamics between you and your child are resulting in them resisting, and even defying you.

You don't get a second chance with your child.... by the time they are grown up it's out of your hands!

Now is the time to empower yourself and join those parents who are not chancing their kids happiness and success to 'luck'. You and your kids deserve more than that.

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