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Zombie Commando: a Step by Step Guide to Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse and other WSHTF Scenarios. Urban Survival Bonus


Without These Crucial Survival Skills, You May Not Make It!

Zombies love eating brains…

And if YOU have even half a brain… you'll read and heed this urgent warning – and make damn sure you're prepared for the coming zombie apocalypse.

Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

The zombie apocalypse has become a popular way of describing and/or discussing the coming of a worst-case scenario such as a natural disaster in financial collapse.

A pandemic or a mass riot, and/or political revolution and a whole cottage industry has grown up around providing the knowledge and equipment to survive the impending "zombie apocalypse" many people these days have a desire to learn the skills necessary to be prepared for the worst case scenario and increase their chances of surviving the zombie apocalypse, but they absolutely no idea where to start or how to begin acquiring an entirely new skill sets of preparedness and survival as many people have grown up without ever having to worry about survival were worst-case scenario, preparedness, let alone a zombie apocalypse.

Remember, zombies are relentless. They have no feelings, no compassion. No soul!

They won't stop until your brains are in their belly.

So what are you going to do?

Give yourself a fresh start by enrolling in this life-changing course now. Every moment you delay, you lose out. Simple as that.

“WARNING: Your Survival Could Depend On Your Next Choice"

Surviving the zombie Apocalypse 101 will teach you all of the basic knowledge required to survive and deal with a worst-case scenario such as the zombie apocalypse or any other disaster situation.

Give yourself a fresh start by enrolling in this life-changing course now. Every moment you delay, you lose out. Simple as that.

You will learn just how to deal with a "Zeke" (zombie), and everything in between that you will need to know to survive the zombie apocalypse or worst-case scenario successfully by the time you finish this course. You will have the knowledge and skill set to handle your basic needs in just about any situation.

There Will Be A Zombie Apocalypse

At the end of civilization – you're going to see people come back from the dead and spawn more zombies.

You'll need to be prepared to run away from them, or kill them in hand-to-hand combat.

Otherwise you simply will not survive! Or, even worse, you'll join their ranks as a zombie – for eternity, or until someone who is actually prepared bashes your zombie-skull in.

And when I say “prepared" — that's exactly what I'm about to teach you.

Here's Exactly What YOU Get Inside The “Survive The Zombie Apocalypse"" Urban Survival Course:

  1. How to successfully acquire and store a survival scenario food reserve to meet all your nutritional needs during the zombie apocalypse
  2. How to determine what sort of survival equipment is necessary for your area of operation
  3. How to build primitive shelters, as well as fire to stave off the elements in a worst-case scenario
  4. How to choose and use the most appropriate first aid kit for your survival situation needs
  5. How to use a magnetic compass and a map to navigate successfully during the zombie apocalypse
  6. How to choose the appropriate storage container for a "bug out bag" and how to choose and pack the necessary equipment for your bug out bag
  7. How to forage for wild fruits and vegetables, and hunt small game such as rabbits and birds and fish
  8. How to appropriately use a basic knowledge of medicinal plants and natural remedies for healing purposes
  9. How to Kick some Zombie Butt

You will also have a psychological advantage, as well as a physical so that you are able to deal with the stress and psychological strain of a worst-case scenario and function at your highest level necessary.

P.S. With our 60-day, 100% money back guarantee, there is no risk to you – if at any time you feel that this program is not right for you, then you can return it for a prompt and courteous refund, no questions asked.

And we will wish you the best of luck in the upcoming zombie apocalypse. No hard feelings.

P.P.S. Seriously, if you don't go through this program for the coming apocalypse, I make no guarantees on your ability to survive. It is very unlikely you will make it.

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