Price Psychology: Small Changes that Boost Sales

Apply psychological pricing research to choose and display your price for maximal offline and online marketing success

If you sell anything, there's one little detail deserves your careful attention—the price. If you don't understand how people think about prices, you could be missing out on tons of money in revenue.

In this course we consider six major improvements you can make to your marketing pursuits by using real data from price psychology. Within each one are many individual things that make prices more appealing, totaling more than 30 psychological price effects.

Picking the Right Price: 
How to choose the number that will appeal most to consumers without changing your profit level.

Presenting Your Price: 
How to write and say your price in the most appealing ways possible.
Framing Your Price: 
How to communicate your price more effectively once the price is set.
Using Context to Your Advantage: 
How to present differently priced products together in ways that maximize profits.
Smart Discounting Practices:
How to present your promotions in ways that make the deal irresistible.
Handling Extra Charges: 
How to most effectively present your prices when there are unavoidable additional fees to communicate.
As a bonus, I also include a full PDF notes document that summarizes all the major techniques we go over.

As an award-winning psychology instructor, I have experience translating research in the field and presenting it in an engaging, understandable way. My students routinely evaluate my courses highly and comment on the passion I have for social psychology. I hope you can join this group of satisfied students and learn something new about yourself and psychology.

So take this course now and begin to understand the science of attraction and what it can do for you!

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