Quality Management Systems:Management and Control of Quality

Learn how to build, implement, and sustain a performance excellence culture into your organization.

Quality is by no means a new concept in modern business. High-quality goods and services can provide an organization with a competitive edge. A reputation for high quality generates satisfied customers, who reward the organization with continued loyalty and favourable word-of-mouth advertising, often resulting in new customers. As TQM changed the way that organizations thought about customers, human resources, and manufacturing and service processes, many top executives have recognized that all fundamental business activities need to be aligned with quality principles, work together as a system, and be continuously improved as business conditions and directions change.

This course aims to share the most current concepts, underlying principles, and applications of quality management and performance excellence approach, which can be defined as an integrated approach to organizational performance management that result in: 1) delivery of ever-improving value to customers and stakeholders, contributing to organizational sustainability; 2) improvement of overall organizational effectiveness and capabilities; and 3) organizational and personal learning.

The course will help managers and companies with planning, development and implementation of organizational systems for performance excellence, focusing on customers' needs, accomplishing goals through the actions of people and work processes, managing information to support good decisions, and sustaining performance excellence efforts. The course is designed from the perspective of practical hands-on experience that actually works in the real world. It is suitable for a broad audience that includes business owners responsible for improving their business processes and personnel working on the development or implementation quality management project with a company-wide/process focus.

Content and Overview:

This course contains 55 lectures and 7+ hours of content organized in 10 areas. It's designed for students and future business leaders, as well as for those professionals already in the workforce, regardless of their experience level.

The content areas include:

  1. The Quality System Overview
  2. Quality in Organizations
  3. Total Quality Philosophies and Frameworks
  4. Leadership and Strategic Planning
  5. Customer Focus
  6. High Performance Workforce Management
  7. Process Management
  8. Performance Measurement and Information Management
  9. Building and Sustaining Performance Excellence
  10. Six Sigma and Process Improvement

By the end of this course you will have gained the knowledge and skills required to apply the basic principles of quality management and performance excellence, increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your processes, and develop, implement, and sustain a performance excellence culture to enable employees and the organization to achieve strategic objectives and adapt to change.

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