Real iOS Apps with Source Code - Power Workshop Series

Learn iOS Mobile Application Design and Development using Application Source Codes

In these sessions, we'll cover the techniques of app development, starting with some simple apps and working our way up to more complex techniques.

In each session, we'll focus on a specific area of mobile app design and development by coding our way through a single example application. Some of the topics we'll cover:

- Using tables and tabs correctly

- managing storyboards

- Saving data to plists and external sources

- Handling multiple controls with single functions

- Sprite based animation techniques

- much more….

We'll build several apps together, including a simple note taker, a few different kinds of calculator, a couple of games, a simple memo systems with voice recording and playback, etc.

We'll even look at how to develop code for the Apple Watch.

This is the next logical step after an introduction to iPhone development.

Insight on some of our Exciting Applications

Notetaker: Keep track of important information in this simple table view application.

Calculator part 1: It adds! It subtracts! It's an arithmetical genius! Learn about simple state management while taking the square root of 2!

Watch calculator: Just what you've been waiting for… a calculator on your wrist! How to translate the calculator concept to the Apple Watch.

Join us for the course, and unlock your full potential!

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