Retrain Your Brain: Stress Management; the Scientific Guide - udemy coupon

Reduce stress, worry & anxiety, gain self belief and confidence.

Retrain Your Brain - Dr Elaine Ryan

I am a Doctor of Psychology, and have a private practice in Ireland. I am the 'go to' expert in the country on stress and anxiety.

What is the course about?

In a nutshell? The unhelpful things that your brain can do! This course will give you much more than help with your stress!

Your thoughts affect how your brain works!

Practically everything that you do, everyday

the thoughts you have
the things you do
what you feel, and
how you react
are down to 'habits' or 'automatic process' in your brain.

Most of these automatic processes - the beliefs (that are like the instruction manual for your life) are hard-wired without your knowledge or consent!

And for many many people, these beliefs that you hold about yourself are wrong!

If you

second guess yourself
feel like a fraud
feel like a failure or that nothing works out for you, no matter how hard you try
get overwhelmed or stressed and anxious
have low self esteem
You will benefit from understanding what you really believe about yourself, and more importantly, how to change.

You will learn

How we are 'wired' to focus more on the negative
How we all have a background level of anxiety
How your brain works for you, which can be the difference between fulfilling or not fulfilling your own potential
How your brain 'holds on to' and remembers stress!
How your brain learns
How you have automatic beliefs about yourself, that are holding you back

Areas covered

Your brain and your negativity bias
What happens in your body when you get stressed
Why you feel anxious for no reason
Your thought processes and the impact your style of thinking has on your life.

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