Social Media Marketing For Startups: Get FREE Press NOW - #SocialMediaMarketing 100% Free course

Learn how to build relationship with news journalists to get startup PR and manage your social media in 20min a day

This course will help you create a simple and effective social media strategy to get early traction and startup PR. I have used the same strategies & processes to get my startups featured in several news papers. You will see some real life examples in this course. Specifically you will learn......

  1. How to create an effective social media strategy that helps you identify your ideal target audience and social media channels
  2. How to create your first social media content plan (what to post and when to post)
  3. 3 types of MUST have social media tools. You will see live DEMO of tools like Pablo, Feedly and Hootsuite
  4. How to find relevant news Journalists and then build relationship with them
  5. How to manage your social media channels in 20min a day
  6. How to pitch to news Journalists and get free PR for your startup
There are 100s or social media courses out there and some are very good. But they mostly focus on either the strategy or the tools. This course is not just about the strategy. I will show you the tools you need to know and then how to effectively use these tools to build relationships.

I have also added several home work assignments (exercises) in this course. I would strongly encourage you to PAUSE the course and complete these along the way. These exercises are very simple and will not take more than 15 or 20min each. These assignments will help you understand the overall big picture.

After completing this course you will have a clear understanding of

  1. Who your ideal targeting audience is
  2. What social media channels you need to focus on (HINT: You don't have to be on all the social media networks)
  3. What social media tools you need to have on your computer & mobile phone
  4. How you can find Journalists who cover your industry
  5. How to manage your social media marketing effectively (20min a day)
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Social Media Marketer & Growth Hacker

My name is Ali Mirza and I am the CEO & Founder of iSocialYou. I have been in social marketing space for 10+ years and started iSocialYou about 2 years ago. At iSocialYou I work with several mega brands and startups. I help our clients in creating an engaging social brand and then general leads from their social media presence. I am also an entrepreneur at heart and have launched some products along the way (FiveOH is the most recent mobile app that I launched in 2015).

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