SQL Mastery: A Fun Class On SQL Create A Udemy Style DB -Udemy Course

If you are confused as to what a Database is and how to use it then my course will help you get way beyond understanding

SQL For People Who Don't Know SQL At All 

This course is designed to teach you T-SQL from a Microsoft SQL Management Studio standpoint.

90% of everything I teach you can be used in MySQL as well.

In this course for Beginners I go over a creating the concept of a Database for a website that would be similar functionality to Udemy. We go over the simple and complex parts of designing your first database. We walk through this whole concept step by step. We talk about Instructors vs Customers and how to create a database that would support all the little quirks a Udemy Style application would have to target from a basic level.

We spend time on Basic Database Designs
We slow down to almost half speed so that you can learn what you need to learn from me.
I show you What questions to ask when creating a Database
In this course we cover all the way from creating a database to complex Select statements, Inner Joins, Where Clauses, Sub queries and so much more. I teach you the pitfalls of each technology so that you can't fall into the same traps everyone else does.

In this course I spend so much time covering the basics setting a great foundation for the things to come later in the course.

I am committed to delivering the best product possible If you love my course give me a great review. If you are not satisfied with my course please request a refund and I will happily give it I want to make you a more powerful developer and if i didn't do that It is my duty to give you a refund. Along with your refund request please tell me why you are not happy with my course and what I could have done better to teach you.

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