Typography: Learn the Basics to Build a Solid Foundation - 100% Off

Quick basics and quizzes to help you build a foundation in typography through understanding typefaces (fonts).

Start to become comfortable tackling everyday design challenges! This course was created for non-designers who want to understand typography better.

About this course:
Quick and concise lessons
No special tools or software needed
Quizzes and materials to help you learn
Full, free lifetime access to this course
All future extra lectures for this course and upgrades are always included for free

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Today, you can start to increase your confidence with putting together your own content.

Also, students of this course will receive a very special bonus - free access to the next course I am creating. That course will go deeper into typography and help you further your skills through things like learning how to design strong layouts, pair fonts effectively, and use simple graphic design principles to strengthen your work.

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