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HTML5 and CSS3 - Just Do It! This course is about creating a webpage by example and not just the theory behind it...

This course is aimed at anyone who just wanted to get in there and just do it; just create that webpage. Quite often; when wanting to learn a new subject that has a practical application, we just want to get into doing it. When you get a new bit of software or hardware do you spend hours reading the manual? Most of the time we run or turn the device on.

The same is to be said when learning a new skill. We learn better when doing rather than just watching or reading. So, the way I wanted to structure a HTML course is to show you the practical a lecture at a time so that you can follow along, do the HTML and CSS yourself and learn by doing. Just do it!

This is then re-inforced by going over the attributes used in a theory section at the end; just to give you a second look at what was used and a quick insight. You learn by doing; re-inforced by theory and I give you the tools to go and look up further those commands you are interested in.

So, are you ready to create a webpage? If so; then you will :
  1. Create some webpages
  2. Add styling using CSS
  3. Learn some great HTML based annimation techniques
  4. Gain what you need to create your webpage
And when you have completed your own page after taking this course, you can share it with us all.

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