Udemy Marketing: Design a WordPress Website to Sell Courses - Udemy Coupon

You don't have to be a genius to create a blog using WordPress and use it to market courses on Udemy.

Learn how to create a WordPress blog to use it to market Udemy courses.

The secret to getting ahead is to get started

Your success will be attributed to your low upfront costs.

There are minimal costs selling Udemy video courses on your WordPress blog.

Setting yourself up for success with:

Low upfront costs. You only need to buy a domain name, monthly website hosting plan, a quality microphone, and editing software to get started.

Posting unlimited questions/comments in the discussion board within the course. Instructor Matt Bernstein will answer your questions within 24 hours.

Only a very limited number of people know this information. That means you'll have limited competition in this area to maximize your probability for success.

Learning Objectives

  1. Create a passive income from Udemy with an initial goal to profit at least $2,000 a month
  2. Create a WordPress blog to Market Udemy Courses
  3. Market courses on Udemy and maximize profits.
  4. Get started with Udemy to create courses.
  5. Validate their course subject before creating a course.
  6. Maximize Udemy profits by following specific rules learned in the course.
  7. Utilize the Sidebar Widgets on WordPress
  8. BONUS: Profit additional income from other platforms with their existing content.
  9. BONUS: Increase Udemy revenue according to top instructors advice (Google Hangout)

"Will this work in my country?"

YES, anyone in the world can create a WordPress blog and sell Udemy courses. This course will apply to you no matter what country you live in.

You're partnering with WordPress

WordPress enables you to create a blog with minimal HTML/coding knowledge.

There are minimal costs starting a blog...

Buying a domain name
Paying for a hosting plan each month.
Getting a professional logo
What effectively works for one person will effectively work the same for any other person.

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