Video Made Simple - Know how you should use Video in your business

Know you should be using video in your business but no idea where to start? Check out this course for shoestring budgets

Video Made Simple is designed for business owners and entrepreneurs who know they should be using video in their business and marketing, yet have no idea where to start.

Its made for newbies. The inexperienced. And those with a shoestring budget.

Video can either make or break your business and your personal online brand. Crappy video is guaranteed to make you look lazy, unprofessional and strapped-for-cash.

Awesome video will make people adore you and want to work with you in any way they can.

Ideal for entrepreneurs and small business owners just getting started with video in their business or brand, Video Made Simple gives you 200 minutes of engaging step-by-step videos, simple tips, presenting advice, printable shopping lists for tight budgets (for budgets from $50 to $1,000), and a tour of my studio and recommended equipment.

If you're not sure where you should be using video, you'll discover the ways other small businesses and entrepreneurs have incorporated video to build their tribe, raise their brand awareness, create their expert/guru status in the industry, build relationships, sell more and delight customers.

Avoid the clutter and tech-filled training and keep it simple with professional, inhouse and affordable business videos.

So go on! You can do it, your business deserves it, so come join me inside Video Made Simple.

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