A comprehensive guide through the voiceover business, techniques and set up.

Are you interested in learning about how to get started in voiceover acting?

We've all heard the powerful voice speaking over a movie trailer or the goofy voice speaking over a kid's toy commercial – but did you know about the opportunities there are for voiceover actors?

Similar to acting on the big screen – voiceover actors work on the skill of managing and manipulating their voice to perfectly fit the role. It's a talent that requires a lot of talent and practice to master.

But how do you get started on voiceover acting? How does the industry work?

This course will guide you through the different aspects of the business, techniques for training and mastering your own voice acting skills, show you how to record a demo, set up a home studio and give you tips on how to start your career.

You'll be trained by a voiceover actor that currently runs his own voiceover business.

Here's what will be covered in this course:

  1. An Introduction to Voiceover
  2. About the Industry and How It Works
  3. Techniques and Training for Developing Your Voice
  4. Setting Up a Home Studio
  5. Creating Your Demo
  6. Marketing Your Skills and Finding Clients
  7. Running Your Business
Our Promise to You
By the end of this course, you'll have the knowledge to get started training your voiceover skills and operate your own voiceover business.

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