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How to use webinars to sell your products or services.This training is for everyone who need to make 6 figures per month


Webinar Powerhouse is a new video series to help Offline Business Owners, Real Estate Agents, Lawyers, Internet marketers, Consultants how to sell their products or services by using the power of Webinars

Susan Coole will teach you how to do everything about Webinar

Course Content :

  1. How to plan an effective webinar
  2. How to setup a webinar
  3. How to choose the best webinar provider
  4. How to promote your event online or offline
  5. What is the best tactics to create an irresistible offer
  6. How to make 6 figures income a month with webinars
  7. And much more..

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Video 1 - View from Thirty Thousand Feet
Video 2 - the Meeting Webinar
Video 3 - The Training Webinar
Video 4 - The Sales Webinar
Video 5 - Set Up LIVE Webinar
Video 6 - Set Up LIVE Webinar
Video 7 - Live Webinar Checklist
Video 8 - Choosing a Webinar Provider
Video 9 - Webex the Gold Standard in LIVE Webinars
Video 10 - The Evergreen Webinar
Video 11 - Evergreen Webinar Checklist
Video 12 - Presentation Tools
Video 13 - Mind Map Part One
Video 14 - Mind Map Part Two
Video 15 - PowerPoint Presentation
Video 16 - Create Your webinar

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