Which keywords can you Rank for and Profit from in 30 Days

SEO - Which keywords can you Rank for and Profit from in 30 Days
Knowing your Google Stats and which keywords your sites are ranking for & how to Improve and benefit from It is a bonus

Welcome to the "Which Keywords is my site ranking for?" Course.

This Course will show you EXACTLY how I run my Google Keyword Ranking and SEO business. It is a step by step course showing you the processes and systems I have used to develop my Affiliate income form Google Rich Keywords that will rank in less than 30 days

Let you know which keywords are ranking for your site
Which keywords unique visitors use to land on your site
from which country do these visitors come
How to define a Google Rich Keyword

We have included links to 2 important FREE WP Plugins as well as provide you with 2 important plugins we had developed to improve you experience.

The course is about 60 min long and we will add Case Studies on a regular bases.

Lecture1: Who is Philip Viljoen and why should you look at this course
Section2: What is Counterize and why should all WP Sites have it installed and activated?
Lecture2: Installing and setting-up the WP Counterize Plugin on your WP website.
Lecture3: Why should you know the country where your visitors come from?
Lecture4: What is Auto Keywords?
Lecture5: Which pages on your site gets the most traffic
Lecture6: What is a Unique Visitor?
Section3: WP Auto Keyword Ranker
Lecture7: Why use Auto Keyword Ranker on all WP websites
Lecture8: Setup your WP Auto Keyword Ranker
Lecture9: Finding Images for YouTube Video to promote website
Lecture10: Setup Keyword Redirect plugin on WP Site to product sales page
Section4:Case Studies
Lecture11: Case Study #1
Section5: Conclusion and Downloads
Lecture12: 6 SEO Myths - watch this so you don't get 'taken'
Lecture13: Your FREE WP Auto Keyword Ranker Plugin Dev License 1.4

I Want You to Be Successful

I very much enjoy hearing from my students and I welcome you reaching out to me with questions, discussions and private messages. I always do my best to answer questions as soon as I see them. I love helping you and I am passionately committed to your success.

You can take this course today and if it does not deliver for you - get a complete refund. This is more than just a guarantee, this is my commitment to your success....which is why I have thousands of Udemy students in my courses.

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