A Guide to Free Technology to Use in the Classroom - Udemy Coupon Free

Learn how to provide a free exciting and engaging technology experience for students of any age

Buckle up and come on a journey with me of discovering free technology resources and tools for your classroom. This course is made for all teachers of all age levels who want to learn more about different free technology tools for the classroom.

This course is made up of videos, voice recordings, and presentations to teach you all about how to stay current with free technology resources and some specific websites, games, and applications your students will love. I have also included links to all the specific resources I talk about so you can explore yourself.

Join a journey of 29 lectures all under three minutes or less that will change the way you look at teaching. Enhance your students' learning, and improve your teaching. With all the resources being FREE and the course being a little over an hour you won't be wasting your time and much of your time!

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