Accounting Made Easy - Learn accounting with fun process!

Start the course learning how to post transactions and finish the course by preparing your own set of accounts!

What is this course about ?

This course is quick course to make accounting easy and aims to make learning accounting a quick and fun process!

This course is the perfect introduction to accounting for business owners, students and professionals who want to lean about what accounting is and how to do it.

The lectures are presented in a fun, easy to understand format with quizzes to test your knowledge. You also receive a free downloadable e-book that you can use to refer to as you go through this course. The e-book also includes additional examples so that you can practice what you have learnt in the course.

What do I get from this course?

  1. 18 lectures and over an hour or video content!
  2. A 24 page e-book to complement this course
  3. Examples to test your knowledge with questions and answers
  4. A fun quiz to test your knowledge
  5. Understand how to post accounting transactions
  6. Learn how to build your own profit and loss account and balance sheet
  7. Learn how to analyse the what the information in the accounts means

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