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Welcome to this course Advanced Capital Budgeting Techniques.

Capital Budgeting means budgeting for Capital Expenditures. But, why we should budget for Capital Expenditures? Its because, this is going to involve huge outlay of funds, and once investment in made in Capital Expenditure, it is not that easily reversible and also it decides the future course of direction of the business. Hence, in this course, you will learn on the advanced concepts of Capital Budgeting as basics aspects were already covered in separate course.

In this course, you will learn about

a) What is Capital Expenditure?
b) Principles in Capital Budgeting;
c) Steps in Capital Budgeting;
d) Replacement Analysis;
e) Inflation and Capital Budgeting;

More further topics on AdvancedCapital Budgeting will be covered in the another course as its second part.
This course will explain the theory and practical aspects. Practical case studies were discussed and analysed indepth.

This is a self paced learning course.

Take this course to understand Advanced Capital Budgeting in your own pace and convenience.

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