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Coupon Android Studio IDE Essential Training
Learn Android Studio IDE to become proficient & productive in Android applications development.

Although you don't necessarily need Android Studio for your Android application development, the only quickest & simplest way to create your android applications is to make use of Android Studio.

As of December 2014 Android Studio has become the new & only Google's fully Supported Integrated Development Surroundings (IDE) for Android.

How to put in & configure: the Java Development Kit (JDK) & Android Studio IDE which includes the Android Application Development Kit (SDK);

In this Android Studio IDE Essential Training coursework you will learn:

How to generate a project in Android Studio, how to navigate a project, how to make use of the Android Studio code editor

Keyboard shortcuts for writing & refactoring codes;

How to make use of the debugging tools with break points & watch variables

How to make use of graphical editor & text editor to generate your applications' User Interface;

How to integrate Android project with Github for version control (code backup & management); & how to get help using Android Studio.

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