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The art of cooking is usually studied as part of full certificate & degree programs. Graduates of these programs can train to become restaurant & bakery personnel, as well as create cooking & baking skills.

Essential Information
Community colleges & cooking schools most often offer culinary arts certificate and associate's degree programs that include coursework in cooking. These hands-on programs provide students with opportunities to practice their cooking skills in the work of an internship or externship, as well as in the classroom. Students sometimes also prepare for food safety certification, such as the ServSafe examination offered by the National Restaurant Association (NRA).

Graduates may go on to work as cooks, baking assistants or cooks. Those interested in food service management may continue their schooling with a bachelor's degree in culinary arts management, which may provide the chance to focus on a kind of cuisine. Admission to such a program may need a culinary arts associate's degree.

Programs usually include an overview culinary arts work that introduces students to food preparation, basic cooking, recipe design & sanitation. They then take courses to learn about baking pastries, providing table service, preparing chilled food & catering. Courses on nutrition & food safety are also included. Associate's degree programs often cover additional advanced topics, such as supervisory management, hospitality purchasing & types of cuisines.

Baking & pastry courses start by covering the principles of baking science, including ingredients, measurement & scaling. Purchasing, cost control & production management may even be introduced in the work of this work. Students learn how to make breads, cakes, pies, tarts & puff pastries, while advanced coursework covers classical patisserie & artisan baking techniques. Students may have the chance to prepare showpieces.

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