Be an Agent for Positive Change: Positivity Strategies

An uplifting framework to achieve your dreams: the latest in brain science, positive emotions and appreciative inquiry

Be an Agent for Positive Change: Positivity Strategies

This course is designed for those who are passionate about bringing positive changes to the world, and are experiencing a sense of urgency to make it happen. It provides a scientifically-based, positive change framework grounded in theories of human and organization behavior.

Elevate your fullest potential as a human being to be an agent for positive change

an uplifting, immediately applicable framework to achieve your dreams
the latest research and applications in brain science, positive emotions and appreciative inquiry
practical examples to show the relevance and applications in both personal and professional situations
seven guiding principles and multiple practices to support your personal or professional change agendas

A life-changing, life-centric approach that positively changes lives

Appreciative Inquiry: 
When you experience the methodology of Appreciative Inquiry, you discover and gain clarity around what energizes you, so you become more focused on what works for you best. By identifying your “positive core", you cultivate and nurture your dreams for a better future. You become the designer of your own destiny with increased awareness of what choices to make and how to put them into action.

Positive Emotions: 
By learning the role of positive and negative emotions in determining responses to change, you become aware that positive emotions are more prevalent in our lives, yet go unnoticed because they are generally quieter than negative emotions. Negative emotions, on the other hand, can scream at you. The best news is positivity is a skill and you can learn it. Continuous practice rewires the brain for the better, and overtime can lead to a life of flourishing versus languishing.

Strength-based Approaches: 
Focusing on strengths has been documented as a massive benefit in our growth and development. Capitalizing on strengths improves creativity, productivity, engagement and satisfaction in human performance across disciplines, and is intergenerational. It's the same in play at and work. When people are performing in roles in which they play and work to their strengths, studies show they have greater chance at achieving their full potential.

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