Beginners Pull Up Tutorial: Develop an Impressive Upper Body

Learn to do the pull up - the ultimate upper body builder. A complete step-by-step pull up tutorial for the beginner.

Can you do one pull up? Because if you cannot, you absolutely must be able to!

Put in most simple terms being able to do a pull up represents the ultimate test in fitness, pure strength and raw power - all qualities associated with manliness.

There are so many benefits that come from being able to do the pull up. Too many to list, but here are a few that are very important:

You get stronger
Your upper body gets bigger and more defined - sort of like the upper bodies of the ancient Greek and Roman warriors
You develop the upper body muscles that will help you tremendously in other major exercises, like shoulder and bench presses
I'm talking from experience - I know how instrumental the pull up exercise was in my own physical development and my athletic career..

Hi, my name is Ivan Nikolov and I teach this Beginners Pull Up Tutorial course.

I've spent over 23 years doing hard gym training and competing in natural bodybuilding competitions. And, I have to be honest - no other exercise has helped me so much to develop my upper body as it has the pull up - so much that for the last few years the pull up is literally my main exercise.

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