Build Your Dream Company with a Kick-Ass Culture!

Learn, step-by step, how to create a company culture that's uniquely your own, and that everyone will want to work at!

If you're starting, running or growing a company, two of the most important success factors are your people and your company culture. They can be your greatest assets, or your biggest liabilities. So why do so many companies pay little to no attention to it?

Company culture is a hot topic today, but much of the information out there is either fragmented, lacks context, or is filled with truisms like "Company culture is really important!" That's inspirational, but not really helpful.

In this comprehensive, hands-on, and highly visual course, I teach you EVERYTHING there is to know about company culture, and getting it work for you:

WHO's getting it right, who got it oh so wrong, and what can we learn from them
WHAT culture really is, what contributes to it, and what's killing your culture right now
WHY it's so important, and why so many companies succeed or fail because of it
and most importantly, HOW you can begin building a kick-ass culture of your own – or start fixing an already broken one – starting right now!
It's no coincidence that great companies also have kick-ass cultures, and they enjoy substantial benefits over those who don't! Benefits like:

Over 35% less frequent turnover (you spend a lot of time, money and effort on your superstar employees, can you afford to lose them that easily?)
Happy, motivated and productive employees (yes, they DO exist, and with a kick-ass culture they'll find YOU)
Less headaches, distractions and legal issues (are your employees forming cliques? Do you have time to constantly deal with complaints and conflicts, or tell people to just get along? I didn't think so

My goal isn't to just inform you, but to educate you. So in addition to the lectures, I've also included useful tips, step by step guides, and worksheets as part of an exclusive 10 Week Action Plan to walk you through the building process. These are some of the same tools I use in my successful consulting practice, helping entrepreneurs across North America & Europe to build their own kick-ass company cultures.

Each day you work without a great culture is another day removed from building the company of your dreams. So what are you waiting for?

I'm so confident that this course will give you what you need to build a kick-ass culture intentionally – and not accidentally – that I'm offering a 30 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose. Nothing except a a mediocre culture, that is!

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