Building Responsive Websites with Bootstrap 3 Framework - Udemy Coupon

Become a Super Successful Web Designer + Developer by Building Awesome Websites with most popular front-end framework Bootstrap 3.

This course is the step-by-step guide to the Responsive Website Design using the most popular HTML5, CSS3 & JavaScript/Jquery front-end framework Bootstrap 3.3.5.

This course will teach you latest Bootstrap 3.3.5 by building responsive professional websites from scratch and in process explaining and using all the features of Bootstrap 3.3.5 framework. This course is purely based on hands on sessions in which I will be designing layout of the website and then start building that website from scratch.

This course will be updated every week with some of the features added to the websites we develop in this course.

When you enroll to this you will be provided with the source code of the websites and then you can explore the code further to make it better and send for the review to me. We can work together to improve and design awesome Bootstrap 3 based websites from scratch.

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