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Content Marketing: the mindset, how to create a strategy for content marketing, promotion tactics, idea generation

Please read the Sections of this description to fully understand all the benefits you get by ordering this Content Marketing Course:

Section 1: What will you learn here?

Section 2: Bonuses for ordering the Course. What extras do you get?

Section 3: Success Stories for this Course (while it was in the making)

Section 1:

These days, when I talk to new people and tell them that I do content marketing trainings, the conversation always goes in one of three possible directions:

1. they want to know if they should pick ads / or / content marketing

2. they want to know why their content doesn't perform at all (and why for others it works)

3. they want to know how to start doing content marketing and ask me for advice on how to get started.

I said that instead of going on and asking $5,000 to $10,000 for the consulting and training of their teams, as I usually do, I'd just go ahead and make a MasterClass for Content Marketing, in the form of a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course).

We'll call it the Squirrly Academy, and it will answer all of these questions.

Plus, it will show you how to get up and running with content that will perform unreasonably well on both search and social media.

I thought you might be interested in hearing about this, as you also probably have one of these questions at the present moment

Section 2: Bonuses for ordering the Course. What extras do you get?

1) You will get a PERSONAL CONSULTING session with the Teacher of this MasterClass

2) The CTO of Squirrly will personally make you an SEO Audit of your site and help you fix the structure of your wordpress site (must be a wordpress self-hosted site).

- Fix Security

- Fix Speed (up to 100/100 in Pingdom)

- Fix Cache

- Fix Structure of the whole site (SEO)

- Fix CSS and Javascript erros

- Repair Broken Links

You will get this for free if you order the Content Marketing Course. (it costs $200 on our site)

Note that Squirrly offers Content Marketing That Works to over 400,000 people (over 450,000 downloads on the Wordpress Directory)

3) Three Months of PRO Subscription to Squirrly (only for new customers)

4) Downloadable Slides + Workfiles for this course, that will help you build up your very own Content Marketing Strategy

5) 5 Articles or Pages on your website Optimized (SEO and for Humans) by a writer from Squirrly

Section 3: Success Stories for this Course

You can read about the Success Stories that happened for people taking this course.

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